ICA3PP 2023

The 23rd International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing (ICA3PP 2023)
Tianjin, China
20-22 October 2023


Submission ID Title Authors Workshop
9 CFDM-IME: A Collaborative Fault Diagnosis Method For Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Yue Wang, Tao Zhou, Xiaohu Zhao and Xiaofei Hu AIEIoT
22 BACTDS: Blockchain-based Fined-grained Access Control Scheme with Traceablity for IoT Data Sharing Wei Lu, Jiguo Yu, Biwei Yan, Suhui Liu and Baobao Chai AIEIoT
57 A Time Series Data Compression Co-processor Based on RISC-V Custom Instructions Du Peiran and Cai Zhaohui AIEIoT
244 A comparison of WBGT Index Forecast Models Using Time Series Analysis Kai Ding, Yidu Huang, Ming Tao, Renping Xie, Xueqiang Li and Xuefeng Zhong AIEIoT
282 Robust Medical Data Sharing System Based on Blockchain and Threshold Proxy Re-encryption Wenxuan Cheng, Bo Zhang and Zhongtao Li AIEIoT
415 Relational Path-aware Knowledge Graph Contrastive Learning for Recommendation Yixuan Ge and Qing Yu AIEIoT
439 Malware Detection Method Based On Visualization Nannan Xie, Haoxiang Liang, Linyang Mu and Chuanxue Zhang AIEIoT
43 Two-Path Multi-Behavior Sequence Modeling Nan Wang, Mingyue Qu and Jin-bao Li AI-PDAS
88 Noise-robust Gaussian distribution based imbalanced oversampling Xuetao Shao and Yuanting Yan AI-PDAS
177 Parallelized ADMM with General objectives for Deep Learning Yanqi Shi, Yu Tang, Zhigang Kan, Hao Zheng, Linbo Qiao and Dongsheng Li AI-PDAS
186 Multi-view Neighbor-enriched Contrastive Learning Framework for Bundle Recommendation Yuhang Chen, Sheng Liang and Songwen Pei AI-PDAS
193 A Constructive Methods for Data Reduction and Imbalanced Sampling Fei Liu and Yuanting Yan AI-PDAS
227 Distributed Generative Adversarial Networks for Fuzzy Portfolio Optimization Xueying Yang, Chen Li, Zidong Han and Zhonghua Lu AI-PDAS
236 A Novel Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm Hybrid Simulated Annealing Concept for Recommendation Systems Yu Du, Haijia Bao and Ya Li AI-PDAS
245 A New Method for Agricultural Pest Detection Based on Improved YOLOv7 Wei Wei, Cao Hongzhuo and Duan Xiaodong AI-PDAS
248 A New Method for 3D Reconstruction Based on Improved Pix2Vox Wei Wei, Zhang Minghao and Duan Xiaodong AI-PDAS
271 Characterization and Forecasting of Heterogeneous Cluster's Multi-Type GPU Request and Allocation Sheng Wang, Shiping Chen and Yumei Shi AI-PDAS
317 PM-Migration: A High-Efficient Dynamic Page Placement Mechanism for the Hybrid Memory System Lidang Xu, Gengbin Chen, Dingding Li and Haoyu Luo AI-PDAS
435 An improved GPU acceleration framework for smoothed particle hydrodynamics Yuejin Cai, Jianguo Wei, Jiyou Duan and Qingzhi Hou AI-PDAS
456 Bayesian optimization for Auto-tuning Convolution Neural Network on GPU Huming Zhu, Chendi Liu, Lingyun Zhang and Ximiao Dong AI-PDAS
495 BLRS : Blockchain-based Land Record System: Design and Development Amir Ali, Ting Liu, Syed Ather Hasnain and Tasweer Ahmad AI-PDAS
501 AOPT-FL: A Communication-Efficient Federated Learning Method with Clusterd and Sparsification Zhang Danlei, Geming Xia and Yuxuan Liu AI-PDAS
502 A Central Similarity Hashing Method via Weighted Partial-Softmax Loss Mengling Li, Yunpeng Fu, Zhiyang Li, Duo Zhang and Zhaolin Wan AI-PDAS
301 Joint Optimization of Scheduling and Path Planning for Rental Service Vehicle Systems in Mobile Edge Computing Lingling Wang, Xiumin Zhu, Xingxia Gao, Chen Cheng and Linbo Zhai ATEEC
339 Task Offloading and Resource Allocation for Edge-Cloud Collaborative Computing Yaxing Wang, Jia Hao, Gang Xu, Baoqi Huang and Feng Zhang ATEEC
411 A Seasonal Decomposition-based Hybrid-BHPSF Model for Electricity Consumption Forecasting Xiaoyong Tang, Juan Zhang and Ronghui Cao ATEEC
440 TOC: Joint Task Offloading and Computation Reuse in Vehicular Edge Computing Kaiyue Li, Shihong Hu and Bin Tang ATEEC
442 A Task Offloading and Resource Allocation Optimization Method in End-Edge-Cloud Orchestrated Computing Bo Peng, Shi Lin Peng, Qiang Li, Cheng Chen, Yu Zhu Zhou and Xiang Lei ATEEC
65 A Multi-Server Authentication Scheme based on Fuzzy Extractor Wang Cheng, Lin You and Gengran Hu DNA
150 Graph Neural Network for Critical Class Identification in Software System Mengyi Zhang and Peng He DNA
162 MPC: a novel internal clustering validity index based on midpoint-involved distance Yating Zuo, Zhujuan Ma and Erzhou Zhu DNA
201 Period Extraction for Traffic Flow Prediction Qingyuan Wang, Chen Chen, Long Zhang, Xiaoxuan Song, Honggang Li, Qingjie Zhao, Bingxin Niu and Junhua Gu DNA
220 A Hybrid Active and Passive Cache Method Based on Deep Learning in Edge Computing Zhengchang Song, Rui Cao, Bingxin Niu, Junhua Gu and Chunjie Li DNA
246 Coconut: A Decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity Management System with Compact Cancelable Template Generation Junwei Yu, Shaowen Li, Yepeng Ding and Hiroyuki Sato DNA
485 FDRShare: A Fully Decentralized and Redactable EHRs Sharing Scheme with Constant-Size Ciphertexts Zhichao Li, Zhexi Lu, Lingshuai Wang and Qiang Wang DNA
498 Decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity Management System: Empowering Datacenters through Compact Cancelable Template Generation Junwei Yu, Shaowen Li, Yepeng Ding and Hiroyuki Sato DNA
66 Service Reliability Guaranteed Task Offloading for Load Balance in Parked Vehicle Assisted Edge Computing Mingqiu Chen, Jiale Huang, Ziyu Zeng, Yalan Wu and Jigang Wu IMWST
69 Cyber Attack Detection Method for Networked Vehicles based on Data-Enhanced DBN Yali Duan, Jianming Cui, Yungang Jia and Ming Liu IMWST
110 ACDP-Floc: An Adaptive Clipping Differential Privacy Federation Learning Method for Wireless Indoor Localization Xuejun Zhang, Xiaowen Sun and Bin Zhang IMWST
268 An Updatable Key Management Scheme for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Zhiyun Guan, Junhua Wu, Guangshun Li and Tielin Wang IMWST
393 Advancements in Interactive, Mobile and Wireless Sensing Technology: Challenges and Innovations Tong Shuai and Wang Gang IMWST
454 An energy prediction method for energy harvesting wireless sensor with dynamically adjusting weight factor Zhenbo Yuan, Yongqi Ge, Jiayuan Wei, Shuhua Yuan, Rui Liu and Xian Mo IMWST
137 Accelerating QUIC with AF_XDP Tianyi Huang and Shizhen Zhao IUAVNet
230 Computation Offloading Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning for UAV-MEC Network Zheng Wan, Yuxuan Luo and Xiaogang Dong IUAVNet
303 A Multi-objective Method for Energy-efficient UAV Data Collection Communications Jiajun Li, Jing Zhang and Xin Feng IUAVNet
438 Research on Dos Attack Simulation And Detection in Low-orbit Satellite Network Nannan Xie, Lijia Xie, Qizhao Yuan and Dongbo Zhao IUAVNet
449 Path Planning of Coastal Ships Based on Improved Hybrid A-star Zhiying Cao, Hongkai Wang, Xiuguo Zhang, Yiquan Du and Dezhen Zhang IUAVNet
465 A Collaborative Migration Algorithm for Edge Services Based on Evolutionary Reinforcement Learning Yanan Zuo, Xiuguo Zhang and Zhiying Cao IUAVNet
64 Absorb:Deadlock Resolution for 2.5D Modular Chiplet Based Systems Yi Yang, Tiejun Li and Yi Dai NISC
70 Participants Selection and Data Privacy Protection Method for Federated Learning Jian An, Xiangyan Sun, Siyu Tang, Siyuan Wu and Hongyi Zhu NISC
107 Dynamic Multi-Bit Parallel Computing Method Based on Reconfigurable Structure Lin Jiang, Shuai Liu, Jiayang Zhu, Rui Shan and Yuancheng Li NISC
136 Fairness Analysis and Optimization of BBR Congestion Control Algorithm Bo Zhang, Ying Wang and Xiya Yang NISC
139 Ponzi Scheme Detection: A Hybrid Approach Combining TextCNN and Adversaral Training Xiaoyong Ning, Yuan Liu and Xingwei Wang NISC
192 IKE: Threshold Key Escrow Service with Intermediary Encryption Yang Yang, Bingyu Li, Shihong Xiong, Bo Qin, Yan Zhu, Haibin Zheng and Qianhong Wu NISC
215 Carbon Trading Based on Consortium Chain: Building, Modeling, and Analysis Chaoying Yan, Lijun Sun, Shangguang Wang and Shuaiyong Li NISC
396 An Empirical Study of Memory Pool-based Allocation and Reuse in CUDA Graph Ruyi Qian, Mengjuan Gao, Qinwen Shi and Yuanchao Xu NISC
412 An Improved Model of PBFT with Anonymity and Proxy Based on Linkable Ring Signature Zhuobiao Wang, Gengran Hu and Lin You NISC
453 MPQUIC Transmission Control Strategy for SDN-based Satellite Network Hui Qi, Jinyao Liu, Zhe Tian, Weiwu Ren, Ligang Cong and Xiaoqiang Di NISC
497 Ponzi Scheme Detection: A Hybrid Approach Combining TextCNN and Adversaral Training Xiaoyong Ning, Yuan Liu and Xingwei Wang NISC
499 Low-Latency Consensus with Weak-Leader Using Timestamp by Synchronized Clocks Yue Ni and Guangping Xu NISC